Trifisk Manufacturing brings together four trusted names in fish scalers - Simnar, Simor, Fishmore, and Trifisk - all under one brand, with their history of delivering outstanding fish descaling machines.

The Simor brand fish descaler was originally invented by Albert Simard in the early 1960’s. In the mid-1970’s, Simnar Inc. was founded and Leonard Thibert served as the company’s sales representative. Later on, Chris Thibert joined Simnar as a machinist, manufacturing the Simor automatic fish scaler.

By the end of the 1980's, Simnar Inc. was no longer in business and Trifisk Manufacturing Inc. and Fishmore Inc. had been created. Both Leonard and Chris Thibert of Trifisk Manufacturing strived to build the best quality stainless steel fish scaler available. In 2008, Fishmore Inc. closed its doors and Trifisk purchased the Simor brand name, carrying on the tradition of that trusted name in fish scalers.

Today, Trifisk Manufacturing is the market leader in commercial fish scalers and continues to produce the Simor brand fish descaler. Chris and Leonard Thibert and the entire team at Trifisk work to keep the tradition of all four brands - Simnar, Simor, Fishmore, and Trifisk - alive and produce the best automatic industrial and commercial fish descalers available. Trifisk also prides itself on offering excellent fish scaler repairs and service to all of its customers.

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